360XLR8 is a multifaceted, fully integrated strategic services unit that brings together a professional and result-oriented approach to real estate marketing and sales.

Right from identifying the projects to the post-sales support services, 360XLR8 works with all stakeholders in the value chain, adding value to the entire ecosystem, to deliver a seamless, transparent and enjoyable property buying experience.

Indian Industry is Undergoing A Big Change

The real estate industry today is at the cusp of a massive change. Policy overhauls & initiatives like RERA, Housing for All by 2020, PMAY, smart cities, etc. are bringing tectonic shifts in the industry. This is further buoyed by the growing influence of technologies, attractive payment schemes and the rising role of banks and NBFCs. Today’s industry is much more transparent and customer-centric, leading to a monumental rise in opportunities across markets.

Going forward, the market will continue to grow at an unprecedented pace. Over the course of the next decade, the overall market is expected to grow five times. However, the game is not just about the sheer size of the market, but also how individual transactions will be processed and concluded

Industry has undergone a transformation

A fundamental & Structural Change

Key Growth Enablers

Positive changes from all directions are augmenting & increasing real estate opportunity like never before

Expanded Market

  • Tier II & III cities
  • 100 Smart Cities
  • Housing for All by 2020

Housing for All by 2020

  • Transparency
  • Upbeat buyer sentiment
  • Customer-friendly payment plan
  • Responsible Advertising

Responsible Advertising

  • Increase in Per Capita Income
  • Increased urbanization
  • Easy Bank loans and Schemes
  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • Tax Incentives

Policy Initiatives

  • RERA Real Estate Bill
  • Benami Act
  • Institutionalized land pooling
  • GST

Increased Awareness

  • Increase in Internet penetration
  • Augmented Reality and other
  • visualization tools
  • Realtime transaction engines

Easy Finance

  • Move easy bank loan
  • Schemes, attractive interest rate
  • Tax incentives

The customer is transforming

  • Buyers market over sellers market
  • Proof of delivery over promise
  • Reputation over perception
  • Brand experience over collateral
  • Value over price

Customer Acquired


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360XLR8 Pvt. Ltd.

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360XLR8 Pvt. Ltd.

201A-201C, Global Foyer, Golf Courseee

Road, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

(+91) 9990008844  |   (+91) 9990002299

TOLL FREE 1800 1200 00999

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